St. Catherine 3D  icon (T1)
St. Catherine 3D  icon (T1)
St. Catherine 3D  icon (T1)

St. Catherine 3D icon (T1)

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3 dimensional orthodox icon of Saint Catherine of Alexandria the Great Martyr. 

This icon of Saint Catherine is mounted on the wood in the way to make the icon look and have three dimensions. The image is mounted on a thin piece of wood and then mounted on a larger and thicker block of hand carved wood. Then we finished it with hand craft details and put a coat of resin for protection. This allows the icon that we used to stand out.

Usually we keep this type of icons in stock, but if we do not, we need 15 to 20 days to make it, because the varnish that we use has to dry well, before we'll sent out the icon.

Sizes are: 12" X 8" X 2"

Saint Catherine was the daughter of the governor of Alexandrian Egypt, Constas, during the reign of the emperor Maximinus (305-313) She had an uncommon beauty and intellect. Catherine highly educated being extremely bright. She studied the works of the finest philosophers and teachers of antiquity

She told to her parents that she would be only to enter into marriage with someone who surpassed her in illustriousness, wealth, comeliness, and wisdom. Catherine's mother was a secret Christian, sent Catherine to her own spiritual father who was a saintly elder pursuing prayerful deeds in solitude in a cave not far from the city. Catherine listened to the elder who told here that he knew of a youth who surpassed her in everything. In parting, the elder handed Catherine an icon of the Mother of God with the God-Child Jesus on her arm and bid her to pray with faith to the  Theotokos for the bestowing of the vision of Her Son.

Catherine prayed all night and was gifted to see the Most Holy Virgin, who sent her divine Son to look upon the kneeling of Catherine. But the Child turned his face away from her saying, that he was not able to look at her because she was ugly, of shabby lineage, beggarly and mindless like every person—not washed with the waters of holy Baptism and not sealed with the seal of the Holy Spirit.

Catherine returned again to the elder deeply saddened. He lovingly received her, instructed her in the faith of Christ, admonished her to preserve her purity and integrity and to pray unceasingly; he then performed over her the mystery/sacrament of holy baptism. And again Saint Catherine had a vision of the Mother of God with her Child. Now the Lord looked tenderly at her and gave her a ring—a wondrous gift of the heavenly Bridegroom.

Emperor Maximinus was himself in Alexandria for a pagan feast day and was introduced to Catherine who m he admired greatly for her beauty. Saint Catherine confessed her faith in the one true God and with wisdom denounced the errors of the pagans. The emperor hoping to change her mind,  gave orders to gather 50 of the most learned men (rhetoricians) of the empire convinced that they would defeat her in debate. But the saint got the better of the wise men and convinced them to believe in Christ. They, with the shielded of Saint Catherine, they bravely accepted martyrdom for Christ and were burnt by order of the emperor.

The emperor then brought Saint Catherine to the judgement court where, under the threat of being broken on the wheel of torture shown in her icon, they urged that she recant her the Christian faith and offer sacrifice to the gods. The saint steadfastly confessed Christ and she herself approached the wheels; but miraculously an angel smashed the instruments of execution. Seeing this happen, the empress Augusta and the imperial courtier Porphyry with 200 soldiers confessed their faith in Christ in front of everyone. They were beheaded. Maximinus again tried to entice the holy martyr, proposing marriage to her, and again he received a refusal. St. Catherine firmly confessed her fidelity to the heavenly Bridegroom, was eventually beheaded.


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