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Great Deisis icon

Great Deisis icon

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Orthodox icon of the Great Deisis. 14th cent. Iviron Monastery Mount Athos.

1st Row (left to right): St. Peter, Archangel Gabliel, Theotokos, Jesus Christ, St John the Baptist, Archangel Michael, St Paul

2nd Row : St Andrew, St Philip, St Mark, St Nathaniel, St Mathew, St John, St James, St Luke, ... St Barnabas, ..... the Apostles and Evangelists

3rd Row (left to right): St Spyridon, Prophet Daniel, Prophet Elias, Righteous Symeon, St James, St Stephanos and St Nicholaos.

4th Row: St Demetrius, St George, St Gregory the Theologian, St John the Chrysostom, St Basil the Great, St Athanasios the Great and St Nyphon.

5th Row: Great Matryr Artemius, St Panteleimon, St Theodore the General, St Theodore Tyron, ....., St Prokopius and St Christopher

6th Row: St Anthony, St Ephthymius, St Savvas the Sanctified, St Ephaim the Syrian, St. Cosmas and St Danian

7th Row: ..., St Symeon, St Vlasius, St Paraskeve, St Catherine, St Pheve and St Christina

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