Theotokos 3D icon (T1)
Theotokos 3D icon (T1)
Theotokos 3D icon (T1)

Theotokos 3D icon (T1)

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3 Dimensional Orthodox icon of Theotokos. 

This icon of Most Holy and Ever Virgin Theotokos, Panagia is mounted on the wood in the way to make the icon look and have three dimensions. The image is mounted on a thin piece of wood and then mounted on a larger and thicker block of hand carved wood. Then we finished it with hand craft details and put a coat of resin for protection. This allows the icon that we used to stand out.

Usually we keep this type of icons in stock, but if we do not, we need 15 to 20 days to make it, because the varnish that we use has to dry well, before we'll sent out the icon.

Sizes are: 12" X 8" X 2"


The Theotokos is the name give to the Virgin Mary at the Third Ecumenical Council meaning the Mother of God. This name is very important as it affirms the human nature of Christ who took on flesh from Mary. The Orthodox Church continually affirms that Jesus Christ was both fully man and fully God.

The Theotokos is the highest of the saints and honored in all the Orthodox services. 

The sizes of the icon are: 12" X8" X2"

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