St. Andrew the Apostle, 3D icon

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Orthodox icon of Saint Andrew the Apostle in 3D.

This icon of Saint Andrew is mounted on the wood in the way to make the icon look and have three dimensions. The image is mounted on a thin piece of wood and then mounted on a larger and thicker block of hand carved wood. Then we finished it with hand craft details and put a coat of resin for protection. This allows the icon that we used to stand out.

Usually we keep this type of icons in stock, but if we do not, we need 15 to 20 days to make it, because the varnish that we use has to dry well, before we'll sent out the icon.

Sizes are: 12" X 8" X 2"

Commemorated November 30th.

The Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called was the first of the Apostles to follow Christ, and he later brought his own brother, the holy Apostle Peter, to Christ (John 1:35-42). 

St Andrew carried the Word of God to Asia Minor, Thrace, Macedonia, he reached the River Danube, went along the coast of the Black Sea, through Crimea, the Black Sea region and along the River Dniepr he climbed to the place where the city of Kiev now stands.

He returned to Thrace and founded a church in the small village of Byzantium, which later became Constantinople (now Istanbul). 

The final city to which the Apostle came was the city of Patra, where he suffered martyrdom. He was crucified where his hands and feet were not to nailed but tied to the cross.

The Ecumenical Patriach of Constantinople can trace his ordination back to  saint Andrew. The Greek Orthodox Church of America comes under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarch.