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Ss. Andronicus and Athanasia icon

Ss. Andronicus and Athanasia icon

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Orthodox icon of Saints Andronicus and Athanasia.

Commemorated July 30.

Andronicus was a native of Alexandria happily married to a young woman named Athanasia. After they had been married twelve years both their children suddenly died on the same day. This was devastating for Athanasia who thereafter spent much of her time weeping at their grave and praying in a neighboring church. After this tragic event they both decided to part and live a life dedicated to God as monastics.

St Andronicus went to the monastery of Tabenna, and St Athanasia became an anchoress in the wilderness dressed in the habit of a man. And so they lived for twelve years. At this time St Andronicus on his way to Jerusalem met a beardless monk named Athanasius. They travelled together, made their religious exercises together, and returned once more to the place where they had met. They had great regard for each other and were reluctant to part. They both went to the monastery called Eighteen because it was so many miles from Alexandria, and they found cells there that were near to each other.

When the time came for Athanasius to die he was weeping and a monk asked him why he was weeping so when he was about to go to God. "I am grieved for father Andronicus ", he replied, " for he will miss me. But when I am gone give him the writing that you will find under my pillow." After he died the writing was found, and when Saint Andronicus read it he knew what the other had known since they met on the way to Jerusalem. Athanasius was his wife Athanasia. Andronicus died peacefully shortly thereafter and they buried him beside his wife.

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