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St. Aristides icon

St. Aristides icon

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Orthodox icon of Saint Aristides.

Commemorated September 13th.

This is the Orthodox icon of Saint Aristides, the christian Philosopher and great Martyr, who was born in Athens at the second century and studied classical philosophy, in the famous Philosophical School of Athens. He embraced the reverence and faith of the one true God from the enlightened hierarchs of the Apostolic Church of Athens, Saint Hierotheos and Saint Dionysius the Areopagite, whose disciple he was. He became a staunch defender of Christianity and Christians, having struggled with his famous apologetic work in a particularly difficult and critical time for the state of the Church.

At the same time he managed to establish the correctness and superiority of the Christian faith, the truths of the Gospel of Christ, the excellent character of the Christians and the unjust and cruel attitude of the Roman Empire against the Christians. His unwavering faith in Christ and his struggle for persecuted Christians and the truths of Christianity created intense discomfort and resentment to the Roman Emperor Hadrian (117-138 A.D.), who decided on his exile. He went to Rome to defend himself, but then was moved to Athens, where he continued to preach Christ in spite of the many tortures incurred.

At the end of his earthly life he was brought to the market in Athens, where he suffered the agonizing death of hanging on September 13, 120 or 134 AD, the day on which the Orthodox Church commemorates and celebrates his all-honored memory. 

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