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St. Emilian, the Martyr of Silistria icon (2)

St. Emilian, the Martyr of Silistria icon (2)

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Orthodox icon of Saint Emilian, Emilianos, martyr of Silistria (2).

Commemorated July 18.

Protector Saint of : Children that can not talk

This Martyr was from Dorostolum in Thrace, the servant of a certain pagan in the days of Julian the Apostate (361-363). As a fervent Christian, Emilian abominated the error of the pagans, and one day entered the temple and broke all the idols with a hammer. Seeing that others were arrested and beaten for this, he gave himself up of his own accord. He was mercilessly whipped, then cast into a fire, in which he gave up his soul without his body suffering harm.

Reference: O.C.A.

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