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Filakto and filakto box (amulet and amulet box)

  • $ 1000

Filakto (amulet) and a small charming box made from heavy plastic, to store your filakto when you do not wear it. The box opens in a drawer type. On the top has a beautiful icon of Theotokos and on both sides has icons. In the front of the drawer, has the phrase "Theotokos keep me under your Protection" " Φύλαξον με υπό τη Σκέπη Σου". The amulet contains flowers from Epitaphios of the Holy Friday and comes with a small pin. The filakto (amulet) is a tradition in Greece where children and adults are wearing it every day to protect them.The dimensions of the box are 2" 4/16 (L) X 1" 6/16 (W) x 1"(H). 

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