Frankincense "Marjoram" incense

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First grade quality Frankincense marjoram incense, made of the distillation the flowers of the sweet marjoram. Made in Greece by Monks in Mount Athos.

A very sweet and strong aroma. Marjoram is a cold sensitive perennial herb or under shrub with sweet pine and citrus flavor. The proper use of incense It is very important for the incense to maintain its aroma, to be stored in a jar that closes tight and be kept in a cool and dry place, because the heat can damage the incense and become gummy.

The good incense has to stay "hard" and releases its aroma slowly. Lit the coal for few seconds before and when you'll see it turn grey and burning well, then put the incense on the coal of the censer. Never put incense on top of a coal that you just lit, because the incense will melt without release its aroma.

Always be very careful where you lit the censer, because it will become very hot and use a sturdy surface.