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St. Nicholas 3D icon (T1)

  • $ 6000

3 dimensional orthodox icon of Saint Nicholas of Myra.

This beautiful icon is unique because it is mounted in a way that gives it three dimensions. After mounting it on wood the icon is trimmed and put on a block of  hand carved wood.  The icon is finished with hand made details and given a coat of resin for protection.

The time frame to make this type of icons is 12 to 15 days.

The sizes of the icon are: 12"X8"X2"

Commemorated on December 6

Saint Nicholas is one the most loved saints of the Orthodox Church. He was born in the province of Lycia in the southern part of Asia Minor. He became the Archbishop of Myra as the fourth century began and participated in the Council of Nicea in 325. 

There are numerous miracles associated with his life and many after his repose up to the present day,

Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of many countries, including Greece and Russia. He is the patron of many occupational groups, especially sea-farers. 

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