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St. Hermolaous icon

St. Hermolaous icon

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Orthodox icon of Saint Hermolaous. Contemporary icon.

Commemorated July 26.

Saint Hermolaous was a priest in Nicomedia during the persecutions under Galerius Maximilian. He was able to escape death by hiding in a house when the tyrant ordered that twenty thousand Christians be burned in their church on the Day of the Nativity and they then continued their apostolic work.

When Saint Panteleimon was arrested and brought before the Emperor, the latter asked him who had instructed him in the Christian faith, The Saint, unable to lie, replied that the priest Hermolaous had been his teacher and spiritual father. Soldiers were immediately sent in search of the holy priest, whom they found and arrested in the company of saints Hermippus and Hermocrates. 

When brought before of the Tribunal, they confessed Christ as the only true God, who became incarnate for our salvation, and ridiculed the likeness idols, and all who worshipped them. An earthquake then shook the city and the Emperor said to the Saints that it was a sigh of the anger go the gods.The Saints replied to him: "How can fallen statues be gods?" At once men came t inform the tyrant that the idols had fallen down because of the earth tremor. 

Beside himself with rage, Maximilian had Panteleimon thrown into prison and ordered the immediate beheading of Hermolaous and his companions. Thus they carried off the victor's crown, preceding their disciple by a sort space into the heavenly habitations.


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