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Most Holy and Ever Virgin Theotokos

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All our icons are made to order. We need 12 to 15 weekdays to make them.

We are NOT able to have more icons ready for Easter. 

Thank you.

Resurrection icon (SSC) Resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord Icon  (SP) Jesus Christ "Bridegroom, Behold the Man" icon (4) Jesus Christ "The King of Glory" icon (2) "Extreme Humility" icon

Holy Week and Resurrection

Our beautiful icons for the Festal days of the Holy Week, Resurrection and Bright Week.

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Jesus Christ "Bridegroom" icon (GP-2) Theotokos "Megalohare" GP-2 Theotokos "Tenderness" (GP-1) Theotokos "Tenderness" (GP-2)

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Gold Plated

Icons on a real gold foil

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Theotokos "Tenderness" Icon (SP) (1) Constantine and Helen Icon (SP) Dormition of Theotokos Icon(SP) George  Icon (SP) Jesus Christ "Pantocrator" icon (27)

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Silver Plated

Icons with real silver foil

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Annunciation of Theotokos Icon(SSC) Dormition of Theotokos Icon(SSC) Jesus Christ our Lord Icon (SSC) Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ icon (SSC) Resurrection icon (SSC)

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Silkscreens Icons

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Theotokos "Holy Protection" icon (2) Theotokos "Healer" icon Theotokos "Comforter" icon (2). Annunciation of Theotokos Icon(SSC) Annunciation of Theotokos icon (5)

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Most beautiful icons of our Theotokos

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